The SMT Face Mask

The SMT face mask available at Medcare & PPE is a Latex free, high-quality face mask with an adjustable and highly comfortable nose piece. The outer and inner layers of these face masks consist of a high- quality, soft, non-woven layer of protective fabric and the filter layer comprises of quality, melt-blown microfibers, coupled together via ultrasonic welding. SMT face masks are used by individuals to avoid any transfer of potential viruses, bacteria, microorganisms, body fluids, and dust particles to provide high quality protection against infection.

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H&L Respirator Mask (Standard FFP3-N95)

H&L Respirator Mask (Standard FFP3-N95) masks available at Medcare & PPE are respiratory protective device designed to achieve a close facial fit coupled with an efficient filtration of airborne particles. The edges of these face mask are designed to form a seal around the mouth as well as nose. These N95 face mask are commonly used in healthcare settings and are an alternative to N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirators which are often referred to as N95s.

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H&L Respirator Mask (Standard FFP2-KN95)

H&L Respirator Mask (Standard FFP2-KN95) masks available at Medcare & PPE are designed for a complete protection of the wearer. Wearing this type of mask can give you more protection than wearing a surgical mask. These masks are subjected to get old and therefore have an expiry date beyond which their effectiveness cannot be guaranteed. Once the expiry date has passed, the protection levels of these masks cannot be resold or replaced.

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PVC Examination Gloves, available at Medcare & PPE, comprise thermoplastic polymer that is used to coat the outside of gloves in order to provide protection from chemicals, punctures, cuts and abrasion. A vast variety of these protective gloves are used in several industries to protect from various potential hazards. PVC gloves include safety gloves, medical gloves, lab gloves and industrial gloves as well.

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Tinto Face Mask

A Tinto face mask available at Medcare in one of the best and highly popular face masks that is available in the market right now. Tinto masks are made from recycled yarn and are 90% biodegradable that pretty much means you are being kind to the planet which is very important. Made with nanotechnology, these masks are waterproof and provide a significant resistance to external moisture droplets and dust impurities. This also means you have much better protection when compared to all other masks that are not made with Nano technology. These face mask looks highly modern and completely match with your ongoing style of wearing. The importance of these face masks is indisputable, but what about the advantages?

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Benefits of Disposable medical masks

2020 has been a year that will be remembered in so many ways, and we all are so eager to leave this behind. This year taught us a lot, especially about health and safety, and how to stay safe in our communities and keeping our families, our communities and ourself safe is a responsibility we all have to take care of. So, with personal protective equipment, our goal at Medcare is to make safety simple. We call this a complete care and we’re here to demystify any complexities of care you have in your mind.

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MicroSURE™ hand and skin protectant

MicroSURE™ hand and skin protectant available at Medcare is a next step towards the healthy and effective sanitization experience. We see a lot of information about how over-using these alcohol-based hand sanitizers are bad for us - but is there any real truth behind them? With the rise of fake news & getting conflicted information about so many things nowadays - it’s quite hard to determine the truth. So, we’re here to make it simpler for you. Well, most of us agree to the fact that alcohol-based sanitizers are good for cleaning, but at the same time they’re not that good for your health, skin and body. Considering our high-quality MicroSURE™ hand and skin protectant will give a relief from several problems that you might have faced while using an alcohol-based sanitizer.

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Electrostatic Sprayer

Electrostatic sprayer available at Medcare and PPE is the solution to those common disinfection problems that most of us face in our day-to-day life. Electrostatic sprayers electrically charge the particles of the disinfectant before spraying it onto the surface. These positively charged particles have the tendency to repel each other while two opposite charges attract each other. Well, a grounded surface in a high-traffic area that needs to be disinfected represents a negative charge on a whole. Positively charged particles of an Electrostatic sprayer disinfectants are attracted to these surfaces, so they stick perfectly and push each particle away. This process atomizes each particle, ensuring even coverage over the surface you’re spraying.

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COVID-19 Test Kit

COVID-19 test kits available at Medcare & PPE are crucial for the benefit of the nation’s safety and wellbeing. Some other important safety steps include wearing masks, social distancing, and using disposable PPE equipment. Symptoms of COVID-19 may be visible any time from 2 to 14 days after exposure to the virus, so It’s quite important to get yourself tested before it’s too late. You should always consider a COVID-19 test kit available at Medcare and PPE as a safety precaution, there are various benefits of COVID-19 test kits.

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MicroSURE™ hand sanitizers available at Medcare is a next step towards the healthy and effective sanitization experience. We see a lot of information about how over-using these alcohol-based hand sanitizers are bad for us - but is there any real truth behind them? With the rise of fake news & getting conflicted information about so many things nowadays - it’s quite hard to determine the truth.

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Product fulfillment service available at Medcare & PPE can save you a huge amount of time, effort, and cost—especially if you’re selling some limited quantity of items per month. However, there are still a lot of factors to take into consideration while choosing a product fulfillment service for your business. There are also a lot of additional costs involved, and most of them are highly difficult to predict. Your ultimate costs will depend on the product fulfillment provider’s policies and resources as well as your specific needs.

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Multi Product pack and Kitting

Multi Product Pack and Kitting available at Medcare simply refer to having multiple products bundled in one listing. This is the process of combining complementary and compatible items for sale as one unit. Kits are generally assigned as a unique SKU in order to differentiate the assembled kit from its individual components, and to allow the kit to be inventoried and tracked as a single unit.

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Own Label Product

Own label product services available at Medcare & PPE is manufactured by a contractor third-party manufacturer and sold under the brand name of a retailer. As the retailer, you should specify everything about the product–what will be used in it, how it will be packed, what the label will look like–and will have to pay to get it done and delivered to your store. This complete process is buying products from other companies and rebranding them with your names before selling it.

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Product Sourcing

Product Sourcing services available at Medcare & PPE can be of great use in situations where you cannot find a right supplier or product that fits in your budget. Finding the right product or service at the right price can be difficult at times, so why not consider using our best ever product sourcing services instead. We at Medcare& PPE are the Global Leaders when it comes to providing quality Product Sourcing services, as we can keep track of all your supply requirements with our best ever product sourcing solutions.

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Medical Gowns

Medical Gowns available at Medcare are examples of personal protective equipment that are used in several medical and health care settings. These Gowns are used to protect a user from infection or illness if a wearer comes in contact with any potentially harmful liquid and solid material that is present in their surroundings. These gowns can also be used to help prevent the user from transmitting microorganisms that may be harmful to vulnerable patients, specially to those with weak immune systems. Medical Gowns are one of the important parts of an overall infection-control strategy that is used by medical and healthcare professionals.

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Helios UV Robot available at Medcare & PPE has been designed based on the feedback from disinfection specialists to be part of a regular cleaning routine, which aims at reducing the spread of harmful bacteria, and other types of organic micro-organisms and pathogens which are present in the environment. Our UV Helios Robots has several additional features that rise to a higher level of prevention from harmful virus and several other diseases.

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UV Lamp

UV Lamps available at Medcare has been proven to have a powerful antibacterial benefit which can seriously help you to disinfect all your room, furniture and all-important items. UV radiation which comes out of these lamps are quite effective to inactivate harmful viruses and bacteria when emitted at an optimal wavelength of 253.7 nanometer (nm), which is to as Ultraviolet antibacterial irradiation (UVGI). UV Lamps are quite effective and can deliver the right amount of UV radiation which is required for your application.

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Medical Visors

Medical visors have been there in healthcare settings for quite some time now, but they are now an important staple for healthcare personnel who interact with patients suffering with COVID-19. These Medical Visors are often worn during a variety of medical practices and procedures including surgeries or any procedure where blood or other body fluids could get into the eyes, nose and mouth.

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Medical Goggles

Medical Goggles available at Medcare are used to provide complete protection to your eyes against injuries from accidental exposure to some typical hazardous situations. The nature of the hazards to which most of the industries and health workers may be exposed will depend on the work or task they are doing. Even if you consider them in construction or manufacturing work, some common types of hazards should be taken care of, which may be exposed during work.

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Cargo disinfection Machines

Cargo disinfection Machines available at Medcare are mainly used in airports, bus terminals and train stations to reduce the transmission of viruses and germs with luggage where the human traffic is comparatively heavy. At Medcare, we work day and night to find solutions to every problem that peoples are facing because of this corona virus outbreak. Suitcase and bags may attract harmful virus in places where the probability of infection is higher and baggage transfer points have higher potential to transfer virus to individuals while traveling.

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Smart Disinfection tunnel for protection against Covid-19 viruses and bacteria_

Smart disinfection tunnel available at Medcare is quite identical to the body scanner at the airport. If a person enters the tunnel and stops, the disinfectant available inside the tunnel is sprayed through nozzles to create a fine mist of water which is deposited on your skin, clothing, bags or even smartphones. This whole disinfection process is pretty efficient and can be completed within 15 seconds.

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Electrostatic Sprayer Decontamination can be a great idea especially if you are looking to work on spaces that include various surfaces which are often difficult to clean and disinfect. For example, in a Gym, cleaning Staff are responsible for cleaning all machines, equipment, lockers, and restrooms, within a limited time.

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Sterilized Surgical Glove, Protection at its Best

Sterilized Surgical gloves are one of the best examples of personal protective equipment that are being used to protect from the spread of infection or illness during several medical procedures and examinations. Sterilized Surgical gloves are one of the important parts of an infection-control strategy in most of the healthcare settings. Sterilized surgical gloves are disposable and include varieties such as examination gloves, surgical gloves, and medical gloves for handling chemotherapy agents. These gloves are approved by the FDA to ensure that all the important criteria such as leak resistance, tear resistance, and biocompatibility are met.

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