About 300 sequenced samples of Covid-19 UK, SA and Brazilian variants are detected

About 300 sequenced samples of Covid-19 UK, SA and Brazilian variants are detected.

Around 300 sequenced samples of covid 19 variants that belong to UK, SA and Brazil were detected and all three of them contain the N501Y mutation that makes them even more prone to transmit between two human bodies. The Brazilian and south African variants are also reported to carry the E484K mutation that helps them to trace pass some vital immune responses that have generated by a previous infection or through vaccination.

Around 284 samples that were tested positive for Sars-CoV-2 across the country have been found to be of the UK variant, whereas the rest have turned out to be of South African and Brazilian variants. British Medical Journal on their report has claimed that the UK variant may have higher risk of mortality that may increase from 2.5 deaths per 1,000 to 4.1.

The UK, South Africa and Brazil variant are highly active and can be even more contagious or easy to catch. These variants have also undergone changes to their spike protein - the part of the virus which attaches to human cells, which make them better at infecting cells and spreading.

Experts also think that the UK strain emerged in September may be 70% more transmissible than its predecessor. The South African variant which was emerging in October and has even more potentially important pike protein changes. A few cases of the UK variant have been found that may have one of these more concerning changes as well. It is involved with a key mutation - called E484K which may help the virus to penetrate the immune system, that can fight coronavirus based on experience from prior infection or a vaccine.

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