U.K. reports an entirely new coronavirus species

UK has reported a significantly new mutation in the coronavirus variant B.1.1.7, known as the U.K. variant’- and recent studies states that it can be even more dangerous to our immune systems and can slightly reduce the overall potentials of current vaccines.  

This variant, E484K, has been already reported in South Africa in a COVID-19 family called B.1.135. A government body of public health community London said in their report made public on Tuesday that in over 2,14,159 cases, 11 had shown up as carrying this new COVID-19 mutation.  

Although these fresh changes in COVID virus have shown no signs to increased severity of this disease.  

Many countries such as India have banned most of their flight’s services to UK, but some partial operations are still working. With this new B.1.1.7 variant, there have been so many confirmed reports that are rising regularly.  

Pfizer and Moderna has taken all the responsibility to perform laboratory tests and analyze if their vaccines are effective against the new strain. Both manufacturers have claimed that their vaccines are highly effective against the all-new U.K. strain. Moderna stated in a report that they have also tested its vaccine against the South African variant, which turns out to be effective, while it showed a slightly diminished response compared to that against the U.K. strain variant.  

Novavax, which is another vaccine candidate, has reported that their vaccine had only 60% efficacy in its South Africa trial compared to 89% against the U.K strain. 


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