UK to start World’s first human challenge trials

Young and healthy volunteers will be infected with coronavirus to test effectiveness of vaccines and treatments in the first Covid-19 human challenge study that will start within the next few weeks and recruit around 90 people from aged 18-30 and will be exposed to the virus in a safe and controlled environment while professional will carefully monitor their health. Doses of a Covid vaccine has already been provided to over 15 million people. These Human challenges have played an important role in maintaining the development of treatments for a wide number of diseases, including typhoid, cholera flu and malaria. The ongoing trials will help understand even the smallest amount of coronavirus that is likely to cause infection and push the body’s immune system to react onto it. These trials will give a better understanding of Covid-19 to the medical and healthcare professionals and help prepare against the disease caused by this virus, which in turn improve the development process of vaccines and treatments. These studies will be delivered through a partnership system between the UK government, the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, Imperial College London and the company hVIVO, all of them has already pioneered viral human challenge models. One of the healthcare officials has stated that they expect these studies to offer some unique and important insights on how the virus works and will help us understand what a promising vaccine offer in order to prevent the infection.

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