WHO Global Report featuring urgent requirement

Today, 4 out of 10 Death happening in the world are unregistered and in certain African areas, only 1 out of every 10 is recorded, as per the first ever worldwide assessment of country health information systems which was delivered today by the WHO in organization with Bloomberg Philanthropies.  

66% of the underdeveloped nations have set up a normalized framework to report Death reasons. SCORE Report have highlighted every individual needs to fortify these frameworks and to assist the world on how to handle wellbeing crises and to track progress towards global healthcare objectives.  

Ongoing pandemic clarified that even the best healthcare and data systems struggles in acting swiftly. Shortage of global data have affected the understanding of how this pandemic has affected them and what is their ongoing response plans.  

COVID-19 has tested the capabilities of healthcare systems around the world, as they should keep track of both the disease and other critical health trends. WHO SCORE report is going to be an important step towards the betterment of information for a good decisions.  

Current Estimation values show that over 60% of the countries have reviewed a well-developed system for tracking their progress and performance of healthcare sectors and only half of them have the capacity to monitor the overall quality of healthcare whereas only 32% of the countries have capabilities to prepare a national digital health strategy based on the recommended standards.  

WHO, with score at hand, will support every country around the world, address current data gaps and strengthen their health and awareness system. Even though availability of data such as immunization, tuberculosis and HIV incidence are frequent, there are few categories such as mental health and cancer which are often ignored and less than half of countries are suffering from severe mental health disorders that have been reported. This shortage of data limits countries effectively in their ability to plan and implement effective health measures. WHO SCORE report also issued strict guidelines to invest in areas which can improve collection, analysis and use of health data. Considering various other recommendations, this report also urged several countries to strengthen their overall health Report systems, to improve and collect a higher quality data to address emerging inequalities.  

These reports are a part of WHO’s SCORE for Health Data Technical Package that will be supporting several countries and regions to view and conduct analyses and improve overall health situations for healthier populations. 


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