Cargo Disinfection Machine
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Cargo disinfection machine has been designed and developed to fulfil the needs of logistics and cold chain ware housing in general.

This is an entirely new generation of cargo disinfection system that is the result of 14 years of experience in the research and development of anti-epidemic equipment,putting an end to the current cold chain disinfection situation,and comprehensively improving the over all efficiency of disinfection

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Cargo Disinfection Machine Advantage

(i.) The unique aerosol two-fluid atomization technology can make the liquid medicine be divided into smaller size by high-pressure air. the typical droplet size is 25 microns, and it are often suspended within the disinfection chamber for extended. The air jet accelerates the dispersion of the mist. The drops drift with the wind within the airflow field, which may wrap the disinfected object in 360° altogether directions. The micro mist droplets are delicate and form a layer of uniform and dense coverage on the surface of the thing to make sure that there's no dead space for disinfection, and therefore the box isn't wet.
(ii.) Two-fluid atomization technology has higher liquid cutting efficiency, including extremely high dispersion effect, the dosage is 50%~65% of the normal pressure atomization equipment, saving the dosage and protecting the environment.
(iii.) Compared with high-pressure atomization, it can effectively avoid nozzle clogging. Compared with ultrasonic atomization, it can effectively avoid the aging and failure of the spray generator.
(iv.) The advanced electrostatic spray technology function can make the fog droplets carry charges. Compared with the standard spray method without electrostatic adsorption, the electrostatic spray fog droplets have 15 to 30 times higher adhesion to things, greatly improving the efficiency of spray disinfection and saving dosage amount.
(v.) Folding telescopic roller transfer mechanism, modular design, can freely adjust the transfer length consistent with the customer site, easy to maneuver and disassemble; roller transfer mechanism, can make sure that rock bottom surface of the products in touch with the transfer mechanism within the disinfection warehouse are often covered by droplets without dead ends.

Basic Parameters:
- Power Supply Voltage: 220VAC, 50Hz,
- Power: 1.8Kw,
- Disinfection Time: 3-5s.
- Efficiency: 8h disinfection quantity is about 3600 (4s count)
- Spray Volume: 145-160ml\min
- Tank Volume: 30L
- One Time Dosing Use: 3-3.5h
- Load: 50kg/m

Size parameters:
Main Body: 1190*1500*1800 (width  depth  height)
Working Size: 1000  1000  880 (width  depth  height)
Power Telescopic Roller Line: Width 0.8m, Height 0.75m, Fully Expanded Length 4.6m (customizable), independent power.

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Cargo Disinfection Machine
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