Immunity Social Safety Electrostatic Sprayer
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The Immunity social safety Electrostatic sprayer from MedCare PPE is the ideal tool for disinfecting your commercial property, school, warehouse, medical facility / Home or any space that requires ultimate coverage, It allows for thorough disinfection of surfaces and objects when using microSURE surface protectant which is proven technology to be effective in destroying not only SARS Co-V2 the virus responsible for COVID 19 but also a wide range of other destructive microorganisms. 


Power: Core Lithium battery
Battery: 24V 30Ah
Speater body: ABS material
Tank Capacity: 10L | 2.27 Gallons
Working time: 3.5 hours
Charging time: 90 Minutes
Particle size: 10-50 micrometer
Net Weight: 7.8kg
Gross Weight: 11.5kg
Dimensions: 728*273*660mm
Nozzle Sprayer Sizes: 5 in 1 nozzle | 10-50 micron.360 fan > more than 20 sets can be customised
Effective range: 12-14m > Electrostatic with fan open | 1-2m > Electrostatic with fan off

Medcareppe Return Policy:
Non Returnable

This item is non-returnable due to hygiene and consumable nature of the product.


The Immunity social safety Electrostatic sprayer from MedCare PPE.

1.Open the packing box, take out the spraying unit and place it horizontally and attach the body straps securely

2.Next connect the charger and connect it to the charging port on the side of device then plug into the mains wall socket to fully charge, when fully charged remove plug from charging port on side of the device.

3.Then Unscrew the lid of the tank and pour the required amount of microSure surface protectant into the tank, not exceeding 10 Litres,

4.Now you are ready to electrostatically microsure any space, place the device on securely using the body straps,

5.For smaller compact spaces between 1 to 2 metres you only need to turn on the power switch on the side of the device which will give a much slower dispense of spray, And for bigger spaces between 3 to 6 metres turn on the fan located on the handle of the sprayer gun, pointing the sprayer and moving from left to right and up and down is all you need to do because using the Immunity social safety Electrostatic sprayer technology on Objects and surfaces electrostatically attracts the disinfectant so you can be sure that every square inch will be covered, Even the areas you can't see or reach,

6.When you have finished using the Immunity social safety Electrostatic sprayer it is important to clean the filters to prevent potential filter clogging, to do this you should drain any remaining microSure from the tank and pour half a litre of water into the tank and run the sprayer for 1 minute to clean the filters, Then Remove any remaining water from the tank and place it in a safe dry storage area.

The disinfectant sprayer can cover up to 21,500 square feet with its 10-litre capacity tank. With no need for an external power supply, it can last up to 3 and a half hours on a single charge using its high capacity lithium-ion battery. 
The sprayer is fitted with five stainless steel nozzles that come in 3 different sizes allowing the user to vary the density of micro sure surface protectant being sprayed; 20 microns provides a fine mist, 40 microns provides a medium mist and 80 microns provides a heavy mist.  
You can also use the stainless steel nozzle covers provided, to use fewer nozzles and prevent wastage in smaller areas, 
The Immunity social safety Electrostatic sprayer is user friendly, efficient and easily portable allowing for even dispersal of microsure surface protectant on any surface or object, making it the ideal tool for disinfecting every square inch of any space. 

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