Smart Thermometer Disinfection Tunnel
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* Intelligent Thermometry Disinfection (intelligent facial recognition type) is used for epidemic prevention and detection in high-flow and highly crowded areas. It can conduct non-contact infrared temperature detection via facial recognition and hand washing-free disinfection for people passing through.

* Meanwhile, it makes surface spray on people, pets, goods and other objects for automization disinfection in 360° allround way. If the temperature is detected as abnormal, the voice alarm function will give an audible and visual alarm to advise security to conduct the second screening.

* Using MicroSure chemical free disinfectant to disinfect a person's clothing which is proven to combat SARS CoV-2 & other pathogens and is harmless to humans, the disinfectant operates by adding liquid automatically. Spray time can be adjusted as needed. The equipment has casters, is more flexible and convenient to move with the change of places. It is scientific, safe , and beautiful in design with the INTELLIGENT THERMOMETRY DISINFECTION

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1. MicroSure Disinfection MicroSURE™ surface technology has been proven to be effective in destroying not only SARS Co-V2 the virus responsible for COVID 19 but also a wide range of other destructive microorganisms as well.

2. Intelligence Facial Recognition With high- precision facial recognition, thermometry integrated module and LED display, it’s fast and reliable and can effectively avoid any cross infection, collects temperature in real time and extract peak value to compare outputs. Light signals and beep prompt can be adjusted to suitable audio visual alarm.

3. Automated Spray Equipped with a moving microwaveobject sensor, which activates the ultrasonic mistmaking when detecting any individualto automatically spray the disinfectant into the suitable disinfection channel.

4. No Contact Hand Disinfection It is specially equipped with hand disinfector in the thermometry area. Non- contact induction spraying When applied to your hands or skin MicroSURE™ products create a long lasting protectant barrier which destroys a wide range of harmful pathogens including SARS-Co-V2 5.

5. Complete Disinfection A disinfectant within the carpet is placed in the middle of the disinfection channel, to sterilize the soles of every people passing through.

6. Convenient to move and spray Equipment has two sets of universal and directional brakecasters, which can be moved flexibly to reduce storage space. Nylon tread, adapts to variousroad conditions so that you can change the place of use at any time as per your requirements.

7. Automatic Refill This equipment has a built in 20L ultra-large capacity liquid tank to conduct an automaticfluid replacement and reduce the overall workload. It can be used for one day without adding disinfectant eve in heavy human flowrate.

8. Prompt Equipment status The equipment has proper functionality of displaying working status of fluid so that manager can accurately observe the running statusin real time . Mist - making module can prevent any dry burning and protect the equipment efficiently from getting damaged due to improper operation.

9. Adjustable angles to work perfectly with human organs Disinfection channel with mist outlets is designed with angled outlets to avoid discomfort caused by the direct spray of mist on the face.

10. Simple Layout This equipment uses 220V AC with less than 1000Wpower consumption. It's quite easy to install and detach, and you will only need disinfectant at the time of installation. It is easy to operate and easy to learn, and the disinfectant can be filled and removedeasily.

11. Microwave Human Body induction Equipment takes a full consideration of usage scenes, and an LED lighting function is provided inside the channel to use it at night or even in dark environment.

12. Weste Management There is a storage tank linked with an active effluent collection system at the bottom of the equipment to collect the residual after disinfection and to conduct the centralized treatment for hazardous waste to prevent any impact on environment.

SIZE- (L*W*H) 1800*1120*2400mm

* Facial recognition thermometry
* Hand wash-free sterilizer(1000ml)
* 360° induction for human body disinfection (20L)

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Smart Thermometer Disinfection Tunnel
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