Our ethos

Every day we wake up to make your minutes count.

We believe that people ought to do what they are best at.

Your hard work needs to be be focused on what you are great at - keeping people safe.

Remember the days of hand shake deals? A man, without his word is nothing. That is how we are approaching our work. Pragmatism. Ancient, yet never gets old. We love it. There is nothing better, than cutting straight to the point. Your time is worth it. Efficiency. Would it be efficient to write anything more?

If you are basically reading about yourself, we have your back.
MedCare & PPE | direct sourcing

Behind the brand
We couldn’t sleep, if we didn’t find a solution.
Our story - in so many words. It all began with…

Co founder & CEO of Simply Shamazen – Paul Mc Guinness – being the type of person he is, he noticed a big and frequent problem happening to medical & PPE product buyers. They had no idea who they were buying products from or if the supplier was even verified and allowed to produce products with CE/FDA approval. Nor did they know if they have government approval to export their products. There was simply one too many cases of poor quality products being provided, or even worse – no product has been provided at all. This has been the harsh reality for many. It is a problem we decided to solve. Hence, we set up MedCare & PPE | direct sourcing group. We are an international combined group with a professional team working in unity – each of us focusing on specific area: Whether it’s Product sourcing, Design, Production, Shipping, Sales, or Own label products. This way we can guarantee to meet your requests every single time. We only work with government approved factories and since we have direct contact with factory owners, we can assure that the products we provide are of quality – and with approved export licence.

We have your back.
MedCare & PPE | direct sourcing

Our mission

We are here for you and your people.

Let us properly take care of you.

It is our mission, to...

Take out the all the hard work for you by sourcing and supplying quality medcare & PPE equipment from only the best and verified factories assuring you provide them to the people that need them. Save your time and energy for the people that need it the most. Make your life easier and your time count.

we have your back.
MedCare & PPE | direct sourcing

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