Benefits of Disposable medical masks

2020 has been a year that will be remembered in so many ways, and we all are so eager to leave this behind. This year taught us a lot, especially about health and safety, and how to stay safe in our communities and keeping our families, our communities and ourself safe is a responsibility we all have to take care of. So, with personal protective equipment, our goal at Medcare is to make safety simple. We call this a complete care and we’re here to demystify any complexities of care you have in your mind.

Are reusable masks or Disposable medical masks better for protection against small airborne particles? This is one question that often comes in the minds of people. Simply Google “benefits of Disposable medical masks” and you will get so many opinions on whether the throwaway paper masks are ideal. Since we’re here to simplify the word care for you, we’ll break it down nice and simple.

To understand all the aspects of disposable medical masks, we need to know about the different types of common face masks that available on sale. But always Keep in mind that the effectiveness is relative to wearing the mask properly to reduce potential contact by the user.

Types of Face Masks N95 Face Masks (disposable)

N95 masks are known to be the Cadillac of face masks and are quite effective in protecting against COVID-19 viruses. These masks block about 95% of small airborne particles and have been widely reserved for essential workers before, however, these masks are becoming more available to general public as well.

Surgical Face Masks (disposable)

These masks are Traditionally worn in hospitals for procedures and in surgical suites, and are generally thin and loose in fitting and they do protect wearer from spreading potentially infectious droplets between individuals. Medcare offers both standard surgical masks and a medical-grade mask both made up of high-quality medical grade material.

So why Disposable?

N95 Disposable medical masks are one of the best and most effective when it comes to protection. It has been approved by several medical standards that an N95 mask is effective in protecting wearers from the virus that causes COVID-19. Disposable medical masks are disposable, which is pretty obvious, but why is it so important? Face masks are designed to protect against harmful particles and droplets. In any situation if you come into contact with contaminated particles, throwing away your mask after use will reduces the risk of the virus transferring to other surfaces and potentially infecting the wearer.

Disposable medical masks often go through the NIOSH approval process, so your mask has gone through rigorous testing and has met the necessary standards for particle blockage, filtration and safety. But do note that these masks are not washable. Disposable medical masks are easy to keep on with you and we always recommend keeping some Disposable medical masks in your car, purse, at your desk and anywhere else you may likely to come in close contact with others. If you are really concerned about the environment, you are going in, a disposable mask is an easy and most effective back-up. Just remember to store some extra masks in a plastic bag so they don’t get contaminated before use.

Disposable medical masks certainly have various advantages than reusable face masks, but both can be effective when used correctly and under the social distancing. You can get a whole range of high-quality disposable face mask from Medcare & PPE. We are the global leader when it comes to providing quality Personal protective equipment and business solutions to our customers. So, visit us today to learn more.

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