Helios UV Robot available at Medcare & PPE has been designed based on the feedback from disinfection specialists to be part of a regular cleaning routine, which aims at reducing the spread of harmful bacteria, and other types of organic micro-organisms and pathogens which are present in the environment. Our UV Helios Robots has several additional features that rise to a higher level of prevention from harmful virus and several other diseases.

Our Helios UV Robot effectively disinfects small and large areas simply by just driving by. This Robot can kill up to 99,99% of harmful pathogens such as COVID-19. It is designed to disinfect all environments that are potentially carrying these dangerous microorganisms.

The UV light that comes out from these robots is highly effective against most types of bacteria and viruses, and when used correctly and at the same time it is also gentle to surfaces.

We all know how good antibacterial characteristics of UV light are at close range, but the laws of physics changes when it comes to using UV light as a disinfectant in larger areas. These challenges create a need for reposition a manual UV device multiple times in different locations.

With Helios UV Robot, you will always be sure about the sufficient amount of UV light on all surfaces within a given area.

Our Helios UV robot has one of the smallest footprints in the market, and that makes it ideal even for smaller passages like in trains and airplanes, and with a smaller width, it can easily drive through a standard door.

The automated drive system can be used to call and navigate the robot easily to the desired location when the initial cleaning is taking place. After the cleaning process has been completed, the robot can be sent it. Once the robot is activated, the operator can stay relax as the robot will do the disinfection itself in a given time and as per the desired plan, you have programmed them to do. After the disinfection process, these robots push a notification on your devices that the work is finished, and it is now ready to disinfect a new room.

Our Helios Robot comes with a laser scanner that recognizes obstacles and stoppages on its way. It can also be driven manually from a distance. The sensors present on these robots will detect if someone enters a room while disinfection, and will stop the disinfection immediately. All useful safety systems will be activated while an operator drives the robot manually too close to a wall, person, or other object over the range of 15 cm. In this case, the front and rear sensors will stop the robot before hitting any object

Helios Uv robots are of great use and can be a healthy alternative to chemical based sanitisers and disinfectants. You can buy a high-quality Helios UV Robot from Medcare & PPE. We are the market leaders when it comes to providing medical and personal protective equipment. You can even buy them in bulk. Our shipping services will let you order these robots from any part of the world and we will deliver them to your location within few days.

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