H&L Respirator Mask (Standard FFP3-N95)

H&L Respirator Mask (Standard FFP3-N95) masks available at Medcare & PPE are respiratory protective device designed to achieve a close facial fit coupled with an efficient filtration of airborne particles. The edges of these face mask are designed to form a seal around the mouth as well as nose. These N95 face mask are commonly used in healthcare settings and are an alternative to N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirators which are often referred to as N95s.

These N95 face masks were generally reserved for medical procedures or maneuvers on the respiratory tract where you may have the possibility of aerosol during any medical surgeries and operations that may occur via splashes. Wearing H&L Respirator Mask (Standard FFP3-N95) will effectively protect you from small infectious agents and this type of protection is usually recommended for healthcare workers who are constantly looking after patients with an infection such as tuberculosis and pandemic flu. These masks can also be recommended in situations that include the management of other respiratory infectious diseases with a risk of aerosolization, such as while performing invasive procedures that may provoke the patient to cough or generate an aerosol.

H&L Respirator Mask (Standard FFP3-N95) masks are well suited for work environments where there are possibilities of pathogens and mutagens in the air composition. However, these masks grant no protection for the user from being infected. However, a small risk of reduction for droplet transmission, especially during exhalation, will result in a reduction of potential viral spread. These masks are recommended for the general population to use while walking, shopping, or using public transportation.

H&L Respirator Mask (Standard FFP3-N95) fulfill a set of some higher protective norms. They can effectively protect the person from about 99% of the harmful particles and droplets that are held back while inhaling. These masks quite effectively protect the environment for a long time as there is no exhaling valve. In contrast, masks with an exhaling valve will lead the exhaled air to pass out unfiltered, and contaminate the immediate environment.

H&L Respirator Mask (Standard FFP3-N95) are regulated under the class II medical devices exempt from 510(k) premarket notification, unless these masks are intended to prevent specific diseases or infections or the mask is represented as filtering of surgical smoke or reducing specific amounts of viruses or bacteria, or if these masks contain coating technologies unrelated to filtration.

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