MicroSURE™ hand sanitizers available at Medcare is a next step towards the healthy and effective sanitization experience. We see a lot of information about how over-using these alcohol-based hand sanitizers are bad for us - but is there any real truth behind them?

With the rise of fake news & getting conflicted information about so many things nowadays - it’s quite hard to determine the truth.

So, we’re here to make it simpler for you.

Well, most of us agree to the fact that alcohol-based sanitizers are good for cleaning, but at the same time they’re not that good for your health, skin and body.

Considering our high-quality microSURE Hand Sanitizers will give a relief from several problems that you might have faced while using an alcohol-based sanitizer.


We are all too familiar with that painful stinging that we experience using sanitizer when our cuticles may have skin peeling off them, or if we have cracked or dry hands during colder months of the year. This is mainly because of the presence of alcohol in traditional, alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Alcohol is well known for this. Alcohol bonds with certain nerve receptors that lower downs the threshold associated with our perception of heat. MicroSURE hand sanitizers, on the other hand, do not sting the skin & and they even contain some ingredients that promote a softer and healthier skin condition.


MicroSURE Hand sanitizer will always have a better chance of being gentle on your skin, while it is one of the biggest undesired side effects of using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that they make your hands dry with repeated use. While our alcohol-free hand sanitizers normally contain plant-based gels and oils to help improve and maintain your skin condition and even moisturize dry hands.


As far as the Safety is concerned, one of the most distressing things while considering a traditional sanitizer is its potential to cause mishaps and accidents. Several cases have been reported where people, particularly children, are sustaining burns because of the unintentional use, as they are not fully aware of the fact that bringing open flames close to these sanitizers can harm anyone.


The smell of alcohol so unmistakable that many people find it quite offensive.

While our microSURE hand sanitizers uses perfumes & some chemical fragrances to enhance the smell and making them more attractive to users. We have taken a positive step toward using natural ingredients so that people can stay safe while using these sanitizers regularly. Lastly, Essential oils we use have their own unique natural & pleasant scents that compliment a unique formulations balance of fragrance with functionality - ensuring you the best of both worlds.


Alcohol-based hand sanitizers quickly become ineffective as soon as their concentration drops below a certain level, the protection from an alcohol-based sanitizer last only until you can feel it on your skin - the protection ends once it evaporates. On the other hand, microSURE hand sanitizers are particularly have essential and anti-bacterial oils within them to permeate the skin for a longer lasting & a deeper cleansing effect.


The advantages of microSURE™ hand sanitizers are definitely convincing for peoples to make the switchover to something natural, or at least to something with no alcohol. If you are still not sure, Medcare and PPE has just released an on-the-go starter pack that will definitely make you feel the difference.

Now you know that traditional hand sanitizers are more harmful than useful, it’s worth consider the switch to a non-alcoholic alternative such as microSURE™ hand sanitizers. For more details, visit us at medcareppe.com.

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