Sterilized Surgical Glove, Protection at its Best

Sterilized Surgical gloves are one of the best examples of personal protective equipment that are being used to protect from the spread of infection or illness during several medical procedures and examinations. Sterilized Surgical gloves are one of the important parts of an infection-control strategy in most of the healthcare settings.

Sterilized surgical gloves are disposable and include varieties such as examination gloves, surgical gloves, and medical gloves for handling chemotherapy agents. These gloves are approved by the FDA to ensure that all the important criteria such as leak resistance, tear resistance, and biocompatibility are met.

When to use Sterilized gloves

These Sterilized surgical gloves work best when your hands are more likely to touch someone else’s body fluids such as blood, respiratory secretions, vomit, feces, urines certain hazardous drugs or some kind of potentially contaminated items.

Points to remember before using Sterilized Surgical gloves

Wash your hands properly before putting on these sterile surgical gloves.

Always make sure that your gloves fit perfectly and feel comfortable during all patient care tasks.

Be very careful while handling sharp objects that may puncture sterilized surgical gloves.

Gloves should be changed immediately if they rip or tear.

Wash your hands thoroughly after removing your gloves with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub.

Never reuse, wash or disinfect or share these gloves with other users.

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