Tinto Face Mask

A Tinto face mask available at Medcare in one of the best and highly popular face masks that is available in the market right now. Tinto masks are made from recycled yarn and are 90% biodegradable that pretty much means you are being kind to the planet which is very important.

Made with nanotechnology, these masks are waterproof and provide a significant resistance to external moisture droplets and dust impurities. This also means you have much better protection when compared to all other masks that are not made with Nano technology. These face mask looks highly modern and completely match with your ongoing style of wearing. The importance of these face masks is indisputable, but what about the advantages?

Today we will share some of the key benefits of Tinto Face mask you should know to make your overall experience with the face mask better.

Reusable face mask

Tinto Face Mask are highly reusable, which makes them a great option to consider for the environment. But you will need to make sure that you are always equipped with your face mask. And wash them regularly or else they can be less effective.

That’s why here at Medcare and PPE, we also provide replaceable filters that can be replaced within every 7 days. Just wash your mask, replace the filter and use them. We also offer our Tinto Face Mask with replaceable filters as part of a subscription. This is also a necessary step to ensure that you always have a clean and effective filter at hand anytime you need it.

A Great Fit:

Our Tinto Face masks have a great fit because of the seal that they create when you put them on.

Another key benefit of using a Tinto Face Mask is the straps, since they are not made out of string that are present on the disposable ones, making them much more comfortable to wear. The straps are adjustable and can fit on every face type and hence you won’t ever have to worry about the face mask falling off from your face while doing any physical activity.

Tinto Face Mask with replaceable filters available at Medcare & PPE:

Our Tinto Face masks are the best when it comes to protection against the virus. Visit our website for more information about our Tinto face mask with replaceable filters we have available.

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