Sterilized Surgical Glove Powder Free
200 Rating & 200 reviews

Degradable, healthy and safe and Environment friend. 
Extreme Resistant to punctures, tears, and rips. Used to avoid any potential allergies and discomfort with our gloves - with no requirements of latex or powder, keeping you safe and unharmed from any potential allergens and prevent body exposure. 

Textured Design  
Extraordinary durability with textured figures, these Nitrile Gloves can make hand movement and operation more flexible and accurate with higher tactile sensitivity. These gloves are comfortable to wear with added protection against grease, pesticides, body liquids, and a wide range of harmful chemicals. 

Medcareppe Return Policy:
Non Returnable

This item is non-returnable due to hygiene and consumable nature of the product.

Highly Useful 
We can use these examination gloves in so many settings such as resistance to oil and chemicals, suitable for almost every medical and dental usage, restaurants, beauty salons, gray sky, hospital and regular home cleaning to protect your hands for disinfection.

ADDED THICKNESS FOR EXTRA FINGER PROTECTION– Sterilized surgical gloves come with a highly practical design with thick fingertips to prevent any snags, tears and rips while operation and surgeries, making them one of the best and well suited for any industrial or healthcare settings.

TEXTURED FINGERTIP DESIGN- These Sterilized surgical single use glove allows Doctors, surgeons and even dentists to perform intense tasks with ease while the textured design help in holding equipment’s during operation with no difficulties.

DRY AND COMFORTABLE - These Gloves comes with a polymer coated interior that provides comfortable wearing, and help perform critical tasks with high precision in their daily professional or private life.

OPTIMAL WEAR WITH RANGE OF SIZES ON OFFER– These sterilized surgical gloves are available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra-large for every type of hand. Each Size of Gloves comes in a Pack of 10- 100 units

SUPERIOR AND DISPOSABLE HAND PROTECTION– No matter what your task is, and whatever the environment, you can rely on our advanced hand protection solutions to go beyond protection and improve your staff comfort and productivity to a great extent.

Second, you have to Protect your first lines.Certified PPE Equipments

Can you let everything to come apart?

We work to help you provide your people with equipment, that will protect them from infection.

You must make sure that the essentials keep working. No one person can do it all. Make sure the people, that have to come in contact with others are as safe as possible – on individual bases.

Sterilized Surgical Glove Powder Free
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