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MicroSure Hand & Skin Protectant (5 Liter)

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Brand Microsure
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Hand & Skin Protectant (5 Liter)

If you are on the go, then our multipurpose microSURE™ hand and skin protectant is always the perfect solution to protect you from infection. These products continue to act as a protectant for about 6 to 8 hours , and you can simply re-apply them whenever you have a need.

Key Features

Advanced formula.




Extended protection.

Guards against infection.

Microsure Hand & Skin Protectant (5 Liter)

bio protection for 6 to 8 hours

Our microSURE hand and skin protectant can provide up to 8 Hours ongoing protection for your hands and skin. microSURE hand and skin protectant create a long-lasting protectant barrier and destroys a wide range of harmful viruses and pathogens, bacteria. microSURE™ hand & skin protectant is completely free from alcohol as well as harmful chemicals and is non-toxic. You can simply wash your hands with soap and water, dry and then apply.

Microsure Hand & Skin Protectant (60 ml)

15 years bringing you an Advanced Formula

Only with MicroSURE can you clean Chem-free.

Only with MicroSURE, you get Non-toxic cleaning solution.

MicroSURE, gives you the benefit of Alcohol-free cleaning.

MicroSURE guards you against infection.

Only MicroSURE gives you the luxury of of Extended protection.

MicroSURE Helps reduce the spread of harmful pathogens that have the potential to cause disease.


When applied to your hands and skin microSURE HSP provides barrier protection against a huge range of harmful pathogens and bacteria.

The revolutionary new formula is completely free from harmful chemicals, free from alcohol, free from fragrance and is also non-toxic.

Plus it provides proven ongoing bio protection for 6 to 8 hours

To extend protection simply re apply as needed.

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